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Tutorial - How to Remove Empty Folders?

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Empty folders are always created during uninstallation and deletion from time to time. It can be a pain to handle if you keep ignoring them. Advanced Win Utilities Free can help you locate where the empty folders are and delete them in one click of a button. It can scan the designated paths and allow you to exclude the hidden folders & operating system folders for security purpose. Now use Advanced Win Utilities Free to sweep your computer and restructure your folders.

Warning & Disclaimer: Some programs require certain folders to exist, even when they are empty. Deleting those folders may cause these programs to stop working properly. Only delete folders that you are sure you do not need.

Activate Free Empty Folder Remover

Step 1. Activate Free Empty Folder Remover

Launch Advanced Win Utilities Free and go to "Harddisk" tab and in "FOLDER & SHORTCUT" group, click "Empty Folder Removal" to activate the free empty folder remover.
Select a Hard Drive or Folder to Scan

Step 2. Select a Hard Drive or Folder to Scan

Click "Browse..." to choose the hard drive or folder you want to scan for empty folders.
Specify Settings

Step 3. Specify Settings

Switch to "Settings" to specify the settings you like. In "General options", the empty folder remover provides options like delete file to recycle bin, simulate deletion, opt for directories with files that are 0 KB count as empty, etc. You can specify ignore list to treat directories containing "*.tmp", "desktop.ini", etc. as empty or skip some directories with specified names. This program also allows you to run it quickly and easily by adding itself to the Explore context menu. Some advanced settings like max directory nesting depth, pause between each delete process and more are also provided.
Scan for Empty Folders

Step 4. Scan for Empty Folders

Click "Scan folders" and this free empty folder removal tool analyzes your hard drive or just the folder you select in search of empty directories.
Scan for Empty Folders Within seconds, the total amount of empty folders and the runtime will be displayed. The empty folders are listed in a tree and marked with different icons & text colors according to their status.
Delete Folders

Step 5. Delete Folders

If you want to delete all the empty folders, click "Delete folders" at the bottom.
Delete FoldersTo delete only the folder you select, right click on it to choose "Delete incl. all subdirectories (!)". In the context menu, you can also open it up in Explorer, protect it once, add it to ignore list and more. Click "Show log" to view the deletion log in TXT.

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