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Tutorial - How to Erase Files/Folders/Recycle Bin?

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Advanced Win Utilities Free contains free file shredder software to destroy any unwanted files/folders thoroughly and even wipe empty recycle bin to make sure nothing is recoverable. It offers three secure deletion methods to make the sensitive or confidential info shredded permanently so no one can retrieve them back.
Activate Free File Shredder

Step 1. Activate Free File Shredder

Launch Advanced Win Utilities Free and go to "Privacy" tab and in "CLEANUP & SHRED" group, click "Shredder" to activate the free file shredder.
Choose One Option

Step 2. Choose One Option

Choose "File" from options of 3 kinds of objects to delete: File, Folder & Recycle Bin for example.

Select Files to Erase

Step 3. Select Files to Erase

Click "Next" to go to the second step. Click "Add..." to choose one or more files you need to erase. Click "Open" and the selected files will be displayed in the "Files" pane. Click "Remove" or "Clear" to remove one or all selected files from the pane.
Select Files to Erase

Step 4. Select Files to Erase

There are 3 ways to delete the file.

Quick delete - Overwrites the files with pseudorandom data

Secure delete in accordance with DoD 5220.22-M - Deletes files in compliance with US Department of Defense regulation DoD 5220.22-M

Secure delete, Gutmann method - Deletes files using the method developed by Peter Gutmann. This method is considered extremely secure, but is comparatively slow.

Choose one of the methods to delete the file.

To customize the number of deletion times, you can click the button to increase/decrease the number. You can also directly enter a figure to specify the number of repeats (the bigger the number, the smaller the chance of recovery). Click "Next" to start erasing.

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